About New Earn to Die 2

The original Earn to Die by Not Doppler happens throughout a zombie apocalypse. So does its follow up, Earn to Die 2. Relationships come and go, love is always over in the morning, however the zombie apocalypse is for life. And ever before.

Followers of the first Earn to Die will experience déjà vu when they fire up Earn to Die 2. That’s not immediately a poor point, however. Like its precursor, Earn to Die 2 is agitated, quickly, and also filled with zombie-splattering action, though scratching up sufficient cash for upgrades is a recurring process.

Earn to Die 2’s festivities begin on the west shore, where a survivor (you) learns of a ship waiting to take non-zombies to a safe island. Trouble is, the ship gets on the east coast and also there are a great deal of zombies in between you and also freedom. Service: Build an automobile with the ability of turning the undead into many heaps of mushy eco-friendly goo.

Earn to Die 2 has even more degrees than the very first video game. Each collection of stages begins you off in an engine unable of obtaining much. Yet as you attempt the very same runs over and over as well as rack up a body count, you likewise make cash. Who utilizes money in a post-apocalyptic setting? And also where is this cash also originating from? The responses are clearly “who knows” and also “from the zombies’ pockets, duh.”