Papa’s Freezeria Game Review

Papa isn’t finished winning over the restaurant business. Papa has done his own pizza thing, perfected the custom-made hamburgers,and won all the attention of taco fans everywhere. With all the delicious food options Papa has been serving it’s only logical that he’d choose to discover his sweet taste buds with the Flipline Studio’snewest time management release of Papa’s Freezeria. Papa’s game series, Papas Freezeria. You’ll serve sweet delights made of sugar such as “Freezer” sundaes” to demanding customers. It appears to be an easy job to work for Papa in his new store. The location is within an island that’s exotic Calypso Island with a population of only 12 possible clients… Oh and I’m sure that the crowd of people leaving the huge cruise ship that is there might decide to visit too. It’s fine, don’t be concerned.

With just your mouse, you can control the actions that either Alberto or Penny who you select at the start in the course. You write down your clients desires on the Order Station, fill their chosen size of cup by the Build Station to mix the two in the Mix Station and then top your game at the Top Station. Once you’ve completed the order, you sit anxiously to find out what scores you’ve earned. A higher score will give you greater tips from your client for that day as well as for future visits.

Although the Order Station remains the same just as it always was however, it’s the Build Station is the place where Flipline has introduced a brand new twist. Instead of just clicking the necessary ingredients to create your sundae, every component of it (the mix-in, ice cream and syrup) will require you to press the ‘Pour’ button for a specific time. The indicator moves through the length of a meter, and you only have only one chance of getting it to end up in the green area. If you do this, you will get extra tips and ensures higher scores for the section, but if you don’t you will have a lower mark. The quicker you can get the indicator turning green, the greater the reward but if you nervous, just be patient and wait for a few cycles back and forth until it begins to slow down. It’s the Mix Station, which Mix Station functions much like the previous games’ Grill Stations, involving monitoring the time the sundae has remaining in your blender as well as it’s the same approach that Top Station takes from Papa’s Taco Mia, having you move your mouse around to add the desired toppings. There’s a Doorbell and Alarms are back to ensure that you are watching the various stations. New to the game are the Blender Boosters which let you increase the amount of time you spend on Mix Station Mix Station (be mindful not to overheat into the red, or you could break the blender) as well as the Auto Ice Cream, which perfectly manages each time you pour, and gives you the top tips.

I think that the latest features of Freezeria are effective in entice players to give it a go and keep players engaged. While I was a bit disappointed that it began too slow and I was getting bored in the initial week of games, it eventually took off and turned into an enjoyable challenge in which I was able to establish an ebb and flow to keep my scores up. While all the attractive upgrades are nice however, those for at-the-counter purchases are essential! Just enough to beat the summer heat Relax and sip a cold beverage (sundae that’s) and then spend an hour or two at Papa’s Freezeria.